Developing Excellence With Emotional Intelligence

"We maximise performance in leaders, managers and teams by developing emotional intelligence.

Twice as important as IQ or technical ability, EQ is critical for driving high performance".

Recruit, Retain, Develop and Manage with Emotional Intelligence to Guarantee Success.

manage excellence simply

retain more

Attrition is the silent morale drainer in business. With hiring and training costs increasing, retaining good staff is critical to the success of any   organisation.  Recruit the right people then train to retain.

retain more talented people

EQ2lead uses cutting edge science and proven training methods to work with managers and leaders ensuring they can:

  • Gain a rapid, in-depth understanding of their people.
  • ​Identify if, how and why a team member is or is not performing well
  • Customise individual, highly effective development programmes.
  • Understand and manage people's development and performance effectively.
  • Make sure they're  investing the right amount of time, effort and money in the best areas to get maximum results. 
  • Spend less time on problems and more time adding value.

When investing in leadership development you need a programme that:

  • Delivers maximum return on investment.
  • Has a lasting, positive effect on the recipients.
  • Enables leaders to lead teams that hit and exceed business targets.

Good leadership will steer a company towards it's goals.  
Emotionally Intelligent leadership improves employee engagement and motivation, driving optimum performance to meet and exceed those goals.

"Emotional intelligence more than any other factor, more than I.Q. or technical expertise 

accounts for  85 - 90% of success in your career.​ 

 ​I.Q. is a threshold competence. 

(You need it, but it doesn't make you a star). 
Emotional intelligence does.                                   ​​Warren Bennis.

dEvelop your talented people

In a rapidly changing market a leadership team with high EQ will steer the company through the challenges of today AND tomorrow.

EQ2Lead will build the benchmark for your ideal leadership team, gap analysis the strengths and limitations of your existing team and identify individuals with specific development potential to drive success, so you can focus your investment and get the results you want.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, front-line people management skills and Engaged teams are critical to meeting business objectives in the coming years. ​

recruit right - first time

Recruit Right

Hiring decisions have a huge impact on teams. A science led approach to identifying skills, behaviours, emotional and social intelligence  helps you choose the right people, first time, every time and saves you stress, time, effort and money.

​Save your company stress, time, effort and money by taking the guess work out of the equation.

​Trust proven systems PRISM* and The Enneagram* to identify candidates profiles such as:

  • EQ and Social Intelligence levels.
  • Specific skills sets.
  • Work behaviours; adapted and natural.
  • Mental agility, balance and resilience. 

the most important assets in any venture are

you, your people, your influence.

Emotional intelligence is your influence

manage excellence

Taking your people, teams, managers, leaders and company from good to great and on to excellent takes desire, time, dedication and resources. Development coaching delivers results faster than any other route.

Executive Recruitment cannot be left to chance. 

create an unfair advantage. recruit, retain, develop & manage great people.

Develop talent

Identify talented people, develop critical Leadership and front-line people management skills needed to meet ever challenging business objectives.  Talented, emotionally intelligent leaders drive performance.

​​Filter and identify the top candidates based on your requirements at the touch of a button.

Use our Job Benchmarking* and Talent Finder* with experienced qualified professionals to identify, interview and recommend the right people, first time, every time. 

We also provide training for your team so they can hire the right people first time, every time.


​Good people leave poor managers, not companies.

Reduce attrition, expensive recruitment and training by improving managers' personal and people management skills with  PRISM* Profiling and Enneagram* EQ training using specialist tools such as:

Our EQ2Lead specialists develop managers to improve their personal and people skills so they can understand, manage, engage and inspire their team more effectively, nurturing positive engagement, driving performance and maximising results.​

A Staggering 70% Of People Are Not Engaged At Work

Low Engagement Devastates Business Growth

The Best Leaders Know How To Fully Engage Their People

Emotional Intelligence Or EQ Is The Key Skill That Distinguishes Great Leaders From The Rest 

On average, 80% of management time is spent on poor performers.

Leaving only 20% of a managers' time to develop their top performers.

The challenge then is to quickly develop individual poor performers into high performing team players.

To do this, you need a programme that is:

  • A cost effective, professional platform.
  • User friendly and fully customisable.
  • Clear, easy to manage, simple to administer.
  • Transparent for employee engagement.

Without a highly effective programme that can be fully customised for each individual to maximise results, a manager's job can be almost impossible.

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