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Mother and Son

I Knew I Needed To Develop and 121 Coaching Was Perfect

Jane Gray

Head Teacher. Home Maker. Wife. Mother. 

"The impact of working with you has been astounding! My relationships at work and at home have improved in so many positive ways, it's hard to comprehend"

The Brief

I have taken on the added responsibility of being Head Mistress for a second school in our region so my workload has doubled. I want simple and effective strategies to help me thrive in this challenge. 
At the same time I want you to help me with my personal relationships with those nearest and dearest as my work takes more and more of my time and attention. 

The Problem

Time and resources were a major challenge. Jane wanted the help now but her budget was already allocated. Her team were not yet in place but the academic year was in full swing.
How do we get key people aligned and onboard quickly?

How can we give Jane the support she needs quickly and effectively so she can keep a steady hand on both schools as she gets the right people into the right positions to move the joint school plan forward? 

The Solution

Jane had attended our EQ Leadership 101/102 courses so this was an easy solution for her team who will quickly put through the same programme. At the same time we offered 121 EQ Leadership coaching for Jane so she could start to learn and implement critical strategies for engaging, aligning and supporting both of her new teams.
The added benefit was that the deep personal work required also had a positive effect at home as well as at work!

The Result

Jane focussed on team relationships Her people felt fully supported in the most challenging of times. Their appreciation showed as they stepped up to make good things happen.

Jane was supported in her challenge with relevant, immediately useful skills by an impartial performance coach who then guided her as she used the new found leadership and relationship strategies to great effect at home. 

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