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"The EQ2Lead team changed my life for the better.

I recommend them unreservedly!"

Jane Gray

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Sean ‘The EQ Commando’ is a dedicated coach and trainer with 30 years of real world experience forged from Combat Operations with The Royal Marine Commandos, 3rd world Leadership Development Expeditions to Management and Executive Training and Development for multi-million dollar companies and SMEs alike.


His breadth and depth of experience coupled with his passion for helping others succeed in extreme environments underpins his proven ability to understand, engage and empower teams, managers and leaders to get the results they need.


He brings together a unique blend of military experience, business management understanding, personality & behavioural profiling and extreme experiential learning to develop high emotional intelligence, resilience and compassion in leaders and managers. He helps to develop you into the kind of leader that high performing teams would follow into battle.


Sean is an experienced Coach, Certified Behavioural Profiler, The Enneagram in Business Trainer and an NLP Practitioner working across a range of businesses such as O&G, Banking, Accounting, Finance, Hospitality, Defence and Education.


Whether your team is under fire or under-performing The EQ Commando helps you turn the team around and win.

Who Are We?



Part trainer, part coach and part therapist, I support and guide my clients at each step along the journey, drawing on the many disciplines I have trained in.


It is an honour to walk this path with people, knowing that their development and growth  not only positively impacts their lives, but also the lives of all those they work with, live with, and love.”


Lesley Foley has a background in education and has been on a lifelong journey of transformation. Her work draws from Nonviolent Communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Enneagram, and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting energy techniques.


In her spare time, she can be found curled up somewhere comfortable with a good book, walking in the forest or spending precious time with her husband and children.

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Associate Trainer

Steve knows a good manager can increase productivity by as much as 40%, they are the ones who demonstrate more leadership skills than management skills.


Leadership is about getting the best out of people, management is about getting the task completed.

Steve has trained many thousands of managers and his experience has shown that anyone can learn to be a leader.

The skills required are not a mystery, they can be defined, demonstrated, learned and developed irrespective of the personality of the individual.


Steve takes the structured approach of professional sports team leaders and, combined with proven business models, he inspires and educates those tasked with getting results through others.

 "I use sporting analogies and examples because I have seen first hand how powerful the motivation and development techniques are and I want others to see how they can use the same methods in business to achieve amazing results".

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Associate Trainer

By incrementally improving the cognitive performance, emotional well-being and mental health of each and every employee, businesses are able to reduce costs, improve morale and increase productivity.

Before founding DRM Group, David served as a Royal Marine for 15 years and was trained in Trauma Risk Management. Now a renowned Psychotherapist, he has combined years of research with clinical and commercial insight to develop 'Cognitive Performance Approach' (CPA), a unique and effective corporate stress management system. CPA empowers and equips an organisations’ management team by providing them with a true understanding of why and how we feel and behave; practical techniques to help people improve and an infrastructure of support and resources, so that they can drive lasting positive change from within.



Associate Trainer

Ian believes that effective teams impact the world and make it a better place and we should waste no time equipping great leaders to inspire their teams and nurture great leaders for tomorrow.

Ian has spent the last 35 years leading large cross-functional and multi-national teams and he has drawn on this successful experience to develop a blueprint to help clients achieve effective teamwork and make £millions in the process!

High performing teams make faster and better decisions, align around common objectives, tap into the skills and opinions of all and they don’t waste time on politics and destructive conflict. They are more fun to work on and deliver better results, quicker.

Building high-performance teams is simpler and cheaper than you might think but does require persistence and hard work.

Whether you want to sharpen up already well-performing teams or transform dysfunctional teams into solid performers, building a culture of effective teamwork will pay massive dividends.

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Associate Trainer

Karen Passman has fifteen years' experience developing managers, leaders and professionals, through facilitation, training, 1:1 coaching and assessment.

She has a passion for developing people which is evident in her positive, enthusiastic and supportive style of delivery. She has consulted across a wide range of industry sectors, both in the UK and abroad.


Karen’s aim is:- “to create a relevant, enjoyable and highly participative event, which gives you practical tools that are truly valuable in the work place”.

Karen’s expertise traverses the maritime industry and corporate world, where she provides management and leadership development as well as team building to a broad range of clients. Karen launched Impact Crew in 2007 and is determined to provide high quality leadership development for the Maritime Industry.


Karen has designed and regularly delivers the MCA HELM (human element, leadership and management) operational and management courses, as well as PYA accredited courses.​

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 This Is What We Believe

If You Believe What We Believe, We Can Help You Make
The Impossible, Possible.


We believe in quality connections, real talk, and the power of human relationships.

We believe you want the best for yourself, your people, and your organisation, and that you lead better when you raise your Emotional intelligence. We believe that work is fulfilling when people feel safe, they belong, and matter. When you care about people they know and care for you in return.


We believe that most problems can be fixed after good wine and dark chocolate. 


We believe results come from engaged and inspired people, and outstanding human connections make the impossible possible.


We believe in you, and that everyone can do more than they think, that outstanding is achievable with trust, empathy, relevant training, and your people feeling valued.

We believe your time is valuable so let's talk asap.


0800 206 1916


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