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With The Permission Of Our Valued Partners

Case Studies

Toby logo.png

"We implemented what Sean shared and as a result, we had outstanding results.
The highest grossing Mothers Day and a 5% year on year sales increase valued at about £12,000,000.
That's pretty good!”


"Working with the EQ2Lead team has been some of the best professional learning we have engaged in. Sean and Lesley delivered an intensive, reflective and productive EQ Leadership Programme 
which was high impact!"

Bletchley Park Codebreakers Logo.jpg

"With a character filled board, I needed a facilitator capable of winning them over, 
gaining respect and driving them on so we could achieve our aims."

Fife logo.png

"Even the most reluctant members of my team will now happily sit quietly with me as I 
lead them through an ARMing session – this is a real achievement.”

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