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Mike Aldridge

Toby Carvery Operations Director

"After your training, we saw a 5% increase in total sales year on year. That's worth an extra 12 million pounds in sales"

The Brief

I want my managers to smash their sales targets so, as a company, we smash ours. The big question was: "How do our managers get their staff to sell more at every table?"

The Problem

During our discovery session we found out that the real problem was that the staff are just turning up to do a job and don't feel committed to the managers or company.

We identified a real disconnect between managers and staff and the staff were not motivated to do anything more than just give the guest what the ask for.

The managers wanted happy, engaged and willing staff but then normal incentives were no longer working.
Something different and personal was needed.

The Solution

When staff are happy they are more willing to interact with guests, give more to the guest experience and  look for opportunities to upsell benefitting the guest, the restaurant and the company. 

Our 'EQ2Sell' leadership programme was the ideal solution to show the impact when managers engage and inspire their people to care, give and deliver more.

The Result

Inspiring managers who know how to engage and inspire their people so they feel happier, more valued at work and that they  matter to the organisation. 
The staff were then more willing to connect with guests, enhance their experience and sell more.
NPS went up, complaints went down and sales targets were smashed! 

 "When we delight our guests, we hit our KPI’s. EQ2Lead helps us inspire our teams and our teams delight our guests"

"After your training, we saw a 5% increase in total sales year on year. 

That's worth an extra 12 million pounds in sales"

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