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The 3 Critical Factors of Leadership - Vision - Culture
in Action

I was recently asked to comment on a challenge a client was having with an individual team member.

After listening to them, it occurred to me that they did not have a robust decision making process for handling staff issues. 

For example they have a staff member with a valued skill set who is also generating office politics issues.

What should they do? 


This is how I responded.

"I believe there are 3 critical factors in all high performing organisations that almost eliminates Problem Generators or PGs.


  1. Leadership (High EQ priority 1).

  2. Vision (The 'Why we do?')  

  3. Culture ('Who we are as we do what we do'). 


When every team member believes they are safe, that they belong and that they matter (leadership and culture) they bring their A game to make the vision happen.
When these 3 elements are solid, understood, embraced and lived, you have the makings of high performance and a team will that self-regulate bad apples (everyone's a leader mentality) before seeking senior leadership input.
Choosing people who are a great cultural fit, demonstrating balanced, fair and authentic leadership with a clear vision and having a positive culture (Every Captain is a Nelson - battle of Trafalgar reference) helps to greatly reduce both the PGs in any team. 


In the Royal Marines, PGs were marginalised because we all knew that they brought team standards down, they were given opportunities to get with the programme (soft and hard measures) and if they continued to choose not to step up, they got 'Rembrandted' (put clearly in the picture) and if that didn't work they were removed...swiftly without remorse and with full knowledge/ support of the team.

Do everything you can to find out what the PG's real human need is and what is driving their PG behaviour. Do everything possible to help the person get their needs met  so they will step up and if no resolution or improvement...get rid of them swiftly, publicly and with compassion."



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