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The Brief

Our ambition is to create a learning environment which supports the development of better human beings who are able to and want to make a positive contribution to the world. This can only be achieved by investing in professional learning to develop a creative, emotionally intelligent team with a shared vision.

The Problem

Change is challenging and innately some people are able to adapt better than others. We believe that in order to build capacity and for change to be sustainable we must invest in the professional development of everyone. We are trying to create a culture where all staff feel safe and supported through change.

The Solution

We agreed to deliver our EQ Leadership 101 and 102 deeper dive programmes to Ruth's Senior Leadership Team and they were so well received she booked two more programmes for the entire Pupil Support Team and all Subject Principal Teachers who described the experience as 'challenging, useful, enlightening and relevant'.

A full organisational development programme for all 120 staff is now being rolled out for 2018-19.

The Result

An organisation wide buy-in and understanding of the benefits of using EQ Leadership to create a culture that supports the school vision and values summarised in their key concepts of: 'personal best', 'self-worth' and to build the 'human aspect of the school'.

A commitment from all staff to build better relationships facilitating better learning.

Ruth and the Queen Anne team.jpeg

When Teachers Create Outstanding Connections They Get Outstanding Results

Ruth McFarlane


Queen Anne High School

""Working with the EQ2Lead team has been some of the best professional learning we have engaged in. Sean and Lesley delivered an intensive, reflective and productive EQ Leadership Programme which was high impact!"

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