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"The EQ Commando facilitated our Board of Trustees Away Day and was brilliant! I can recommend him wholeheartedly.

Thank you, Sean.” 


Mrs Hilary McGowan

Board of Trustees

Bletchley Park

"With a character filled executive board, I needed a facilitator capable of winning them over, gaining respect and driving them on, so we could achieve our aims."

The Brief

A blue sky facilitation session to help the Board Of Trustees and the Senior Leadership Team of Bletchley Park Heritage Site decide on the next 25 years of this historic venue.

The Problem

We have a strong, successful board of trustees who can be feisty and unruly if not elegantly managed. 
We want clear outputs that we can action over the next 25 years.
Keeping all trustees engaged, ensuring quieter voices will be heard and their input acknowledged whilst managing the more direct and vocal ones would be a challenge.
Getting them to agree on the key aspects and critical deliverables in one day whilst keeping to time and on target would also be a big ask.

The Solution

EQ Leadership in action with Sean the EQ Commando. His background in The Royal Marines means he does not shirk responsibility will tackle any challenge with force of will, guile and an engaging, humorous style and yet will hold your feet to the fire when needed in order to help you achieve your aims

The Result

We ran the away day at The Imperial War Museum in London and the session was was a huge success. Run with military precision with a compassionate business overlay.

In a few short hours we answered key questions, captured hundreds of ideas, distilled them down to a few ideal answers and decided on the way forward.
The output was then collated and circulated in a simple one page document that was easy to implement

Bletchley park
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