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Personal Leadership

“Before you lead others, first lead yourself”

Personal Leadership

Know Thyself” Socrates

There is power in knowing who you are, what you can do and where you are going. If you can also influence your behaviour, emotions and communication in the direction of your goals you become unstoppable.  This is the skill of leading yourself, otherwise known as emotional intelligence or EQ.

Emotional Intelligence is fast becoming the single greatest predictor of success in every occupation and industry worldwide. This is particularly true in leadership because it’s the leader who creates the climate in an organisation – deliberately or accidently – through their attitude, conduct, communication and reactions. However, most leaders are unaware of the extent to which their behaviour impacts the success of their organisation.

Your transformation begins when you take an honest look at how you show up, how you affect a room and the organisational climate you are creating.

EQ is comprised of 2 factors:

Intra-personal competence - the ability to know, accept, and manage oneself

Inter-personal competence - the ability to work effectively with others (link to other page?)

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“Self mastery is the challenge of transforming yourself from your own worst
enemy into your greatest ally”.

Wes Fesler


To become an emotionally intelligent leader, self awareness is essential.

You must see your influence  as the critical factor for achieving results, rather than elements outside of you (business systems, structure and circumstances). In every interaction, high EQ leadership allows you lead to intentionally, tailoring your actions, responses and communication to shape a desired outcome. Emotional Intelligence includes the ability to regulate your emotional reactions so you can choose responses congruent with who you want to be rather than defaulting to knee jerk reactions that damage relationships. It allows you to be fully aware of your preferred leadership style, and know how to manage your strengths and weaknesses with grace.  

At EQ2Lead, we understand that this level of self management is hard work. That’s why we’ve designed a leadership program to make your transformation easier. We’ve brought together expertise from many disciplines, from Royal Marine Commando training to the latest thinking in human needs psychology and personality profiling.

To fast track self awareness, we use The Enneagram system - the most powerful and profound method available to develop emotional intelligence and to enhance leadership capability with respect to today’s most important leadership competencies.

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Out of control emotions cost businesses money.“


Our leadership training program allows you to transform every last drop of your potential into real world, first class results.

You will:

  • Discover your natural leadership style and strengths, and the best ways to leverage them

  • Understand the emotions, thoughts and belief systems that drive you

  • Align your goals with your deepest values so you can’t help but stay on track

  • Learn to quickly identify and skilfully manage arising emotions to avoid being ambushed by knee-jerk reactions that damage trust and respect

  • Improve your communication and feedback skills

  • Learn about your weak areas, blind spots and distorting filters and how to manage them successfully

  • Focus on 3 development stretches specific to the core of your leadership style to fast-track your growth in the most impactful way

  • Increase your awareness of your personal triggers – the situations that put you at risk of unhelpful, default reactions and poor decisions.

  • Learn practical, robust strategies to use under pressure to maintain focus and objectivity so you can accurately assess any situation and choose the best response.

Choosing the personal leadership journey isn’t just good for business, it’s good for you. Although our clients usually start out with business results in mind, they are amazed to see how quickly it makes a positive impact in other areas of their lives, particularly in their relationships with partners, family and friends.

Ready to unlock your full potential?

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“The rules for work are changing. We’re being judged by a new yardstick: not just by how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but also by how well we handle ourselves and each other.“

Working With Emotional Intelligence 

Daniel Goleman

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