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Extreme EQ Leadership 121 Coaching

Extreme EQ Leadership 121 Coaching

SKU: 121-03

Take your Emotionally Intelligent Leadership to the next level! Everything changes, your growth and development excellerates. Results are enormous and profound. Your paradigms will change and myths and old beliefs will be replaced by a clearer reality, peace and well being. Your influence will be tangible, effective and sustainable.


    The Extreme Deeper Dive Programme Of the 121 EQ Leadership Coaching programme. The ultimate short cut to knowing thyself and harnessing your inner warrior.


    Any problems give us a call or speak to us during the training. We will work with you to solve whatever problems arise and in the unlikely event that a mutually agreeable solution cannot be found. We will revert to our 100% happiness money back guarantee.


    All sessions are delivered live in person with followups and support digitally, video or voice call.

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