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Highly Engaged Teams Achieve Outstanding Results

We Specialise In Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Who Engage, Influence And Inspire Their People.

Creating high-performance teams

with extraordinary levels of trust, connection and participation

EQ2Lead is a professional training and development organisation.


We help leaders & teams create outstanding human connections that make the impossible possible.

Leadership and Team
Problems We Solve

Poor communication  -  Conflict  -  Disconnected teams

Micromanaging  -  Unmet potential

Never-ending firefighting  -  Lack of direction

Lack of trust and confidence in self, team, leadership

Low resilience to change and challenge

Low commitment to project or organisation


Our clients know they need a dynamic, connected workforce to take them

to the next level, they just don’t know how to create that kind of team.


We Know How


Smart Leaders Know
It's The Team That
Makes Them Successful

Success comes when teams step up and want to achieve more.

Teams achieve more when they have outstanding human connections because

they feel safe, they belong and they matter.


Otherwise, why take the risk? Right?


There are many elements that help to drive team success.

3 are critical because they create that safe, belong, matter environment.

Leadership - Vision - Culture

Get These 3 Things Right And Your Team Will Be Engaged, Inspired, Fired Up And On It.


Friends Eating Dinner



Authentic, compelling leaders who engage and inspire motivated teams to achieve

Starry Sky



An inspiring vision clearly communicated that gives meaning, purpose and direction

Group Meeting



A powerfully connected culture where people feel safe, that they belong and they matter

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Our Clients
Gordon Marshall 2.png

"Sean ran a session with the lead managers from Toby Carvery, and it made the path I was in a lot clearer and helped me focus on the positives to get the job in hand done to help my team perform to their best ability. Proven by the highest grossing Mother's Day the business has ever had."

Gordon Marshall.
Manager Toby Carvery.

Ruth QAHS.jpg

"We feel collectively more connected and productive as a result of this experience.
Two days of emotionally intelligent leadership with the colleagues I work most closely with was fantastic! The high level of trust within the team facilitated honest and constructive discussion relevant to our context."

Ruth MacFarlane.
Rector, Queen Anne.


“For the first time in my life I took a risk and invested in myself, with the doubt there would be little return.

I was proven so wrong.

The progress I made in 2 weeks was more like what I expected from 8 weeks with Sean.

Absolutely ground breaking!”

Kerry Jefferies.
Small Business Owner.

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Case Studies

Win Win Win

If it's not a win for you, your customers and your team.

Then it's not a win for us.

We believe in getting wins for all, every time.


See below for case studies on 3 recent wins.

Get in Touch
Toby Carvery


EQ2Sell: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for The Toby Carvery Brand -  part of The M&B Group.

Blond Smiling Woman

121 Coaching

Jane's Personal EQ Leadership Journey. Development at work that benefits your personal life.


An Innovative Solution To The Attainment Challenge for Queen Anne High School in Fife, Scotland.

Meet The Team

Where the Passion Begins

EQ2Lead has a team of exceptional and results-driven leaders who love to work with our growing clientele. Our team is eager to learn, open to new ideas and technologies and adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment. Read below to learn more about our exceptional team.



The EQ Commando

I believe the most important assets in any endeavour are you, your people and your influence and EQ is your influence.

High EQ helps us make tough decisions with understanding and empathy for how others are impacted, and we start to become the kind of leader others would follow into battle.


I get your team's engines turning and burning and your people fired up and on it.

Lesley photo2.JPG



“The most important project you’ll ever work on is you."

I love helping people reach their full potential, removing limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour that prevent us achieving what we really want.

My work is about transformation: raising self-awareness, discovering deepest motivations, developing empowering new beliefs, skills and habits, and putting inspiring plans into action for great results.​

Woman with White Jacket


Associate Trainer

Leadership is about getting the best out of people, management is about getting the task completed.


Steve takes the structured approach of professional sports team leaders and, combined with proven business models, he inspires and educates those tasked with getting results through others.

 "I use sporting analogies and examples because I have seen first hand how powerful the motivation and development techniques are and I want others to see how they can use the same methods in business to achieve amazing results".

Your 5 Steps to Outstanding

We're with you every step of the way

Eye Close Up


We find out where you and your organisation are right now. Where you want to be and when. Why you want to be there. What the real blocks to your growth are and who you need to make it happen.

Navigating in Woods


Your best options are laid out clearly and concisely with our recommendations on the best solution for you, your team, your resources and timeline.

doing work together


Work right alongside you and your team we create a - fit for purpose, specific to your needs - plan ensuring a clear workable solution to growing you, your people and your organisation.



Execution of the plan agreed, on budget and within timeline.

Business Team


Regular monitoring and a comprehensive 360 review of the outcomes and results.

Sparkling Cupcake


OK so there is a 6th one. We know how powerful celebrating successful is!

Contact Us

SierraFoxtrot Ltd. T/A EQ2Lead Edinburgh House, 1-5 Bellevue Road, Clevedon, North Somerset, England, BS21 7NP

0800 206 1916

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